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A typical example for the use of Market Research in a telemarketing context:

Client - Car Manufacturer
Project - Database Development & Telemarketing Mail Shot Follow Up


Ojectives to build and develop a definitive regional archive of people owning a particular make of car in the UK.

Owners incentivised to respond to mail shots, newspaper and magazine adverts which related to the birthday celebrations of the car, by calling the freephone number advertised and enter a prize draw.

A database developed to capture and record relevant information. On contacting the owners they are told about the free prize draw for a new car, given a unique number to enter the draw and offered a free appraisal and valuation of their own car when taking the prize draw number in to their local dealer.

At the end of the project, listed owners of the car that did not responded to mailshots or advertising would be contacted by pro-active phoning.


Over half of the cars sold captured on database either via the incentivised response or with pro-active phoning over the three month campaign. Other demographic and marketing information gathered relating to the cars and owners. The final database created could form the basis for new car mailshot promotional activity that could again be followed up with telemarketing. Many peripheral enquiries received that could produce spin off opportunities for the company & the dealerships.

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